Friday, March 21, 2008

The Adventures of Dag

Meet Dag (pronounced dog).

Dag is an 18 pound cockapoo, almost 3 years old, and grew up with a caring family whose mom now is very sick with cancer and unable to care for him. Just adopted yesterday, Dag is settling in his new home with me.

Dag likes to sleep a lot, loves to go on walks, eat PB, and likes to hump his blanket. He is extremely well trained (house and leash!), but hasn't met that many furry friends yet, so he needs some work on socialization with dogs.


elizabeth said...

cute! wow, he looks little for 18lbs. i can't wait to meet him in may :)

so what's up with the name. didn't you tell me last night his name was jim?

Hanne Helene said...

Så søt Dag er! Bra jobba :-)